Adding to my stacks

I’ve lived with books all my life. Started out with having stacks of library books beside my bed when I was young, then progressed to buying my own. Loved the idea of buying books, whether it was at a department store or a used book or clothing store. They were MINE, to do with what I would. Occasionally a book would suffer a sad demise, being forgotten outside and suffer through a rainstorm, or later, fall to the ravages of a pet cutting its permenant teeth. But, all the same, as my book piles grew, so did my storage options. Orange crates in college, pressboard cases after graduation, then my prize possessions of barrister bookcases that now grace my home.
I love finding new and creative ways of storing my books and especially love the options I have now that ebooks have come along.

I store books on my reader, of course, but I’ve also stored books on flash drives and CDs. I don’t throw books away so as I buy more and more books, I have to find more ways of storing them. With traditional books, I can turn to used book stores to trade them or give them away, but not with the ebooks. Hence the e-version of my stacks. My e-stacks.

How do you store your books?Do you have a to be read pile? Do you organize them in alphabetical order? Or do you have books upon books stacked everywhere, in cases, in boxes under your bed, along the wall? And what do you do with your books when your’e done?