I love reading series. When I discovered them, I thought I’d hit the motherlode. The only down side of it all was waiting for the newest installment, usually a year or more. For instance, I love the Clan of the Cave Bear series, by Jean Auel and usually reread each of the books while waiting for the next book. Now, when I read a series, it’s instilled in me that when I learn of a new installment coming up, I’ll start rereading the previous editions.

One of the first series in romance I discovered was the MacKensie series, by Linda Howard. I discovered them after several had been released and, due to them being short series romances, I had to hit the used book stores to find earlier editions. Now, luckily, they have been re-released. If you want a great, relaxing and sexy read, try Mackensie’s Mountain. It’s an oldie but very goodie.

A current favorite series is the Dark Brotherhood series, by JR Ward. I’m eagerly waiting for Lover Reborn, Torhment’s story. It’s due out in a month or so, which means I have to start reading the others in the series, and fast. What a burden!

How do you feel about series? Do you love em? Hate em? How do you deal with waiting for another book to be released?