What A Man!

This blog is dedicated to the men in our books. The books we love, the men we love to read about, write about and revisit again and again. One of those heroes is a favorite of mine, a man from a book by Linda Howard, After the Night. Gray Rouillard is a tough, alpha male. He’s not the kind of man who’d understand things like lace, chartreuse and place settings, but he Does understand women. He is willing to do whatever he needs to do to achieve his goals, whether it’s protecting his family or seduction of Faith Devlin. Gray seduces the reluctant heroine on the streets of New Orleans, at an abandoned house by a private lake, and in the midst of a smoldering fire. The interesting thing about Gray is he’s attracted to Faith against his better judgement. After all, she left town in a cloud of controversy and returned to threaten his family’s security. Now, he has to figure out how to make the heroine his own and keep her from hurting his family. Ms. Howard has the knack of writing heroes that stand out, both physically and emotionally. In the end, she crafts a hero that satisfies both the heroine and the reader.