What a man!

What draws you to a hero? Is it the looks? Or the way he moves? Or is it the fact that he takes charge? I, personally love alpha males. You know the type, he takes control of situations, but melts when his lady cries. He’ll do anything to help her, keep her and protect her.

I have favorite authors who write alpha men consistently, one of which is Linda Howard. No matter what book I pick up, I know I will read a book that has the elements of an alpha male. I also love Lori Foster’s books, she also has alpha males to spare! Sherilynn Kenyon also brings the alpha male to every book she writes. Finally, I love, love, love J.R. Ward. Her Black Dagger Brotherhood is chock full of heroes that are hard as stone and mush when it comes to their women.

So, if you like alpha men, try some of the authors I’ve mentioned. They’re fabulous.