What A Man!

Please welcome my friend, Carolynn Carey as she blogs about her newest hero, Denver. Carolynn’s book, Dealing with Denver, is available on Amazon. Check it out!

My Reluctant Hero in Dealing with Denver

By Carolynn Carey

Writing about heroes can be a lot of fun, especially when the hero is a swashbuckling Alpha guy who has a clear goal and is pursuing it (or her) for all he’s worth.

But what about the other sort of hero, the one who is quiet, laid-back, and—well—a bit reluctant? They’re a little more difficult to handle, and that’s what I ran into when I was writing my small-town, sweet romance entitled Dealing with Denver.

Denver, you see, is the hero. He’s one of a set of triplets—Dayton, Dallas, and Denver. Each brother has a distinct personality, but Denver is less, shall we say, goal oriented than the other two.

When the story begins, he’s not looking for love or adventure or anything except a place to spend the night on his way home to Chicago from a conference in Florida. And fortunately, even though he’s running late when he arrives in Tennessee where he has family, he knows his brother’s rental cottage is vacant so he plans to stay there and announce his presence in town the following morning.

But there’s a young woman staying at the cottage after all. Mattie Meadows, a writer who’s doing a magazine article about authentic cottages, is in Barbourville to research and write about this particular cottage.

What no one knows is that Mattie has a secret agenda while she’s in Barbourville, and she asks Denver to help her unravel a mystery that could disrupt the lives of some important townspeople.

Denver politely declines. After all, he’s just passing through on his way back to his quiet existence as a Chicago attorney.

But Mattie is persistent—and very, very attractive.

So Denver steps outside his comfort zone and their adventure begins.

Writing about a reluctant hero can be a challenge, but it can also be extremely rewarding. If you’re interested in becoming acquainted with Denver, here’s an opportunity to do so at no expense. The Kindle version of Dealing with Denver will be free on April 20, 21, and 22, 2012. I hope you’ll download the book and see what you think of my reluctant hero.

Carolynn Carey has written other sweet romances set in small towns. Her most recent, Prognosis for Happiness, reunites two high school classmates who were at odds back in the day and are even more at odds when they meet in the present. However, the attraction they felt for each other fourteen years earlier has survived, and now they must discover if they have attained the wisdom to deal with their differences and to open themselves up for love.

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