What A man!

Today, I’m paying homage to the soldier. As I grew up, I knew my father, along with other men in my family and neighborhood had been soldiers, either in the Second World War, Korean War, Vietnam or now, Iraq and Afghanistan. I admired them, worried for them, prayed about them and rejoiced when they came home. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve realized, these men, in many ways, were boys, are boys.

Do you realize that the average age of men serving in WWII was 25 and the average age in Vietnam was 19? Think about it. And now, overall, the average of men in the military is around 19 (all this according to chacha.com and wikianswers). These men, overall, aren’t old enough to buy liquor in a bar, to buy a house, certainly and often, in the case of the second world war, lied about their age so they could serve. Yet, they hold each other’s lives in their hands, train daily on how to protect civilians they don’t know or may never meet, and are expected to return to non combat life without a hiccup, so they don’t disturb our lives.

I’ve always been thankful for our freedoms and our heroes, but as I live longer, I’m more thankful than ever. Thanks to all the men and women who served, serve or are thinking of serving in our military. Your efforts are appreciated and you are our true heroes.

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