What a Man! The Dominant Hero of Fifty Shades

Nowadays, if you read romance, or even popular fiction, you’ve probably heard about Fifty Shades of Grey. The hero in this series, Christian Grey is considered a dominant, prefering that lifestyle. Yet, when you read the books, if you read the books, you might be surprised with this hero.

A dominant hero typically is all about control. Control of his environment, including the people in it, the way he interacts with them and how they respond to him. He’s all about controlling information, emotions and rarely lets anyone into his own world. That said, the hero in Fifty Shades breaks all the rules. Somewhat reluctantly.

If you haven’t read the books, this may be a spoiler, and with that warning, read on.

Christian starts out being aloof, somewhat manipulative and controlling, as expected. But he’s also intrigued, drawn to the heroine, Ana. She’s not what he expected or planned for. And she wasn’t as cooperative as he’d hope.

Ana throws Christian for a loop, time and time again. He also isn’t ready for the emotions she elicits from him, the memories she makes him face, or the hurdles she makes him jump.

So, while Christian may be a dominant, through and through (and he remains that til the end of the book), he learns that control isn’t always about the accoutrements of his lifestyle, but also about giving of himself. And in the end, it makes him even stronger.