What a Man!

Join me as I greet Mallory Kane, a romantic suspense author who has published many books for Harlequin. Her man, Dev, sounds yummy!


New Orleans Police Detective Devereux Gautier is my favorite hero ever–hands down. He has lived in my head and heart for years. Dev is Cody Maxwell’s partner from my first Harlequin Intrigue, The Lawman Who Loved Her. He’s been a perennial fan favorite and has, according to fan mail, fueled the dreams of a bunch of my readers, as well as quite a few of my own.


The title for his book, No Hero, is the perfect title, because that’s exactly how Dev views himself. His childhood was a living nightmare that only got worse when he bashed his stepfather’s head in, in self-defense, but too late to stop him from killing Dev’s sister. Then, in desperation, he ran–a fugitive at age twelve. He didn’t stop running until a beat cop named Thibaud Johnson caught him stealing whiskey. Thibaud chose to rescue Dev instead of sending him to prison, thereby saving his life and changing his destiny. Still, even with Thibaud’s belief in him, Dev feels he has seen too much bad, too much ugly, to ever be able to give or accept love.


Journalist Reghan Connor is on a mission to prove that there are no heroes. But as she learns more about Dev Gautier, she begins to see him through the eyes of the people who love and depend on him. The homeless teens he takes in idolize him, his fellow police officers respect and revere him, and his friends love him unconditionally. It isn’t long before Reghan finds herself falling for the man whose honor and integrity shine from his hooded black eyes.


But there is another player in this game of life and love and death–a malicious and deranged killer, bent on destroying everyone Dev loves, including the woman who started out as a thorn in his side and now is proving herself to be his match and his partner in all things.


It wasn’t easy to create a heroine who was a match for Dev. Reghan’s stubbornness, her tenacity, her habit of knowing she’s always right, clash with Dev’s single-mindedness and his belief that he is the only person in the world capable of protecting the people he loves. I think Reghan is Dev’s equal, especially towards the end of the book, as the danger intensifies and he needs someone to stand with him against the ultimate, terrifying danger.


As I hinted above, Dev has waited a long time for his own story. The fact that I can finally give readers insight into the man I consider an almost perfect hero, complete with faults, flaws, fears and an indomitable sense of honor that drives him to throw himself between those he loves and danger, gives me a satisfaction that is unmatched.


I hope readers love Dev as much as I do.


Thanks for inviting me to be a guest on your blog. It’s been fun!


Mallory Kane



“Don’t mess with Mallory Kane,” to quote Roger Ebert, although not about our Mallory Kane, it really does apply!

At age three, Mallory Kane taught herself to read, starting a lifelong love affair with books. Her mother, a librarian, loved and respected books and taught Mallory that they are a precious resource. Her father was a brilliant storyteller. His oral histories are chronicled in such places as the Veterans’ History Project at the Library of Congress. He was always her biggest fan.

Ahead of her time, Mallory was first published in 1995 (electronically!) Since then, in addition to a dozen or so electronic books and several paranormals published by ImaJinn Books, she has published 28 books with Harlequin Intrigue.

Mallory loves romantic suspense with dangerous heroes and dauntless heroines, and enjoys tossing in a bit of her medical knowledge for an extra dose of intrigue. Mallory lives in Tennessee with her computer-genius husband and three exceptionally intelligent cats.