What a Man!- My Caden

Caden is the hero of my current release, Caden’s Fate. He is a keeper, but I’m a little prejudiced.

Caden is a modern man but also a man with long-lived rules that he has to adhere to. He doesnt’ get involved with women on a long-term basis, instead preferring to love em and leave em. At least he is honest with his liaisons, he tells women up front that he isn’t going to hang around after the pleasure.  Until he meets Fate.  She is equally reluctant to commit to a relationship, but he is determined not only to protect her but to keep her.

When Caden meets our heroine, he initially thinks she is attractive, fey and delicate. After he sees her conscious, though, he’s bowled over. And he isn’t going to leave her alone, or give her up, no matter what the cost.  Fate and Caden change and grow, rheir bond strengthening as each realizes the sacrifices they must make in order to have the love they feel for each other come to fruition. For Caden, a promise is sacred and he promises to keep Fate safe. Even if he has to keep her safe from the very rules that he has lived by for generations. Caden is what I call a warrior, a man who is willing to fight for everything he loves. And he loves Fate.  Fate must become the strong woman she never thought she could be when forces confront her. And Caden is there beside her, all the way.

I hope you’ll check out Caden’s Fate, available on Amazon.com and through Barnes and Noble as well.

Fate Halligan is a Death Maiden, a woman who has spent her life training to help souls journey from life to the next level of existence. She finds this vocation at risk when her life is threatened and she must turn to a man she has been taught to view with caution. Caden Greene is a Soldier of Light, a man who will risk his life and more to save dying souls from being stolen and used for evil by the Obsidian Guard. When Caden and Fate join forces they must make decisions about their lives and the future of the very world they have faithfully served.