Where do your ideas come from?

In the summer, I spend a lot more time out of the house and doing yard work. I especially enjoy mowing my yard. With the immediate results of seeing less grass behind the mower, I love the sense of accomplishment it brings. Also, when I’m mowing and pulling weeds, I tend to get a lot of ideas.
Of course, I get the ideas when I can’t do anything about it as far as writing notes or typing something into my computer. I have to try to remember the excitement for when I’m finished working.
Why do I have the ideas when I’m working outside? I think it’s because I let my mind go free and just focus on the work of pushing the lawn mower up and down the hills of my front and back yard. And with the open mindedness, my ideas get free rein. I’ve noticed that when I have writer’s block, I’ll go ahead and do some work outside and usually can work my way through the block.
Friends of mine say that when I mow, the blood makes sure to get to my brain.
And I’ve also called the time my Zen time. An open mind, working body and open ideas.
What about you? Do you have a place that is your “go to place” for ideas when you are trying to come up with something? I’d love to hear from you.