My new addition

little mister

Meet Winston, my new kitten. If you have read any bio I have online, you’ll know I have pets. Up until this past weekend, I had a terrier mix (Rosie), about four years old and a tabby calico (aptly named Mynx) who is around 10 years old. They get on okay, with occasional hisses and barks, usually around my bedtime. But I decided recently that Mynx needed a buddy that didn’t chase her all the time so I got Winston from a woman who’d accidentally let her female cat out one too many times.
Winston is a social little thing and immediately started trying to make friends with both of my other animals. With Rosie, the dog, my only concern has been if the kitten would get licked to death. Rosie fell in love immediately and the two of them tussle on a regular basis. It’s amazing how gentle Rosie, who weighs around 30 pounds is with my eight week old kitten. And Winston will definitely let Rosie know if she’s getting too playful.
And Mynx? Well, she’s slowly warming up to the kitten. She no longer hisses and growls when Winston is in the room and her scratching furniture in retaliation for another cat in the house has drastically decreased. I live in hope.
So, why did I get another cat? I’m not really sure, other than I wanted more youth in the house, both for me and the other animals. Now, I have to train Winston not to prance across my keyboard when I’m writing.
Do you have animals? Why? And any suggestions would be of help regarding socializing Mynx and Winston.