The full moon

Do you have pets? If so, you may have noticed a change in them with the full moon. No? Well, I have. My dog, Rosie is a sweetie. Always ready at the door and happy to see me when I come home. Always ready to go for a walk or eat the food I drop on the floor, a steady pal. Until the full moon.

I love the nights when the weather is clear and I can see the moon. But, when I can see the moon, so can Rosie. And she doesn’t howl at it, she barks at it. It’s the big, mean intruder that is making her night too bright. She sees things I can’t through the windows and I end up getting out of bed and traipsing through the house, checking the view from all of my windows (at least the ones that are on her eye level) and reassuring her that nothing is out there. And, as far as these human eyes can see, there isn’t.

Except the moon.
So maybe that’s one of the reasons that man has always seen the full moon as something other than natural. Surely my dog isn’t the only one that has acted up on these bright nights. My cats? They only frown at Rosie and roam the house in the wee hours, as usual.