How things have changed!

I’ve neglected my website horribly and have started the updating process. During my efforts, I’ve had a chance to see my journey, so far, as a romance writer. And what a journey it’s been!
I started writing romance seriously, with a view of publishing (rather than hiding it under the bed) in 1997. In that same year I joined the Romance Writers of America and the local chapter. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Through the connections of both the national and local chapter, I’ve had the opportunity to network with other writers, meet some of my writing heroes and learn the nuts and bolts, both in craft and in the business of writing. And most importantly, I’ve made some wonderful lifelong friends.
“When I joined RWA I aspired to be published by a “traditional” publishing company, as defined by the organization. Most of those houses resided in New York, such as Penguin, Harper, and so on, but the biggest romance publishing house was Harlequin in Canada. And let’s face it, I wanted to publish with them.
I eventually did publish with a traditional house, Avalon, after about nine years of trying. Yay! I watched as most of my friends also became published. We had some alternatives to choose from, besides the big houses. Small presses, for one. But there was also this fledgling publishing venture that was getting some attention, electronic publishing. To say it was a difficult transition is putting it lightly, but epubbing started out very small and most people read their books on a computer or with a small electronic device such as a Palm Pilot (whew, dating myself, here).
Nowadays, epub is a big business. I branched out into that world a few years ago and love the idea that people can get my books either as a traditional paper back or as an ebook. Ebook readers have opened the world of romance to a lot of people who would be uncomfortable holding that paperback on the bus. Now, self publishing or indie pubbing is the thing to watch. Years ago, this method of publishing was viewed as a last resort. Now, it’s a viable and at times, preferable method of publishing. And yes, I’ve dipped my toes in that pond, too.
What’s up for us in the publishing industry next? Your guess is as good as mine!