Happy New Year!

Whether we like it or not, I think it’s human nature to look back and then plan ahead, or at least it’s my nature. Over the past year there have been positives as well as a couple of disappointments for me as a writer but overall, a good year. I went to a couple of awesome and fun conferences and learned a few truths about myself. I learned things I’ll try to share over the coming year and I wrote. I found a new energy toward the end of the year and look forward to sharing  that energy with my readers, as well as finding more readers, hopefully.
As for disappointments, I’ve tried to learn from them and to move on.
As usual, I have goals for this year, the usual, I’m afraid, but it all can be explained in one phrase, Be more aware. Be more aware of others around me, their needs and less my own. Be more aware of my health, my eating and exercise habits (or at least try to establish new ones). And be more aware of my writing schedule.
Here’s to a productive new year, for me and I hope for you as well.