What I’ve Learned from other writers- Perseverance

Writing isn’t what I imagined it was when I first started. No, I didn’t expect it to be all bon bons and dictating to a secretary or getting rich on my first book, but I didn’t expect the changes that occur with the publishing business. Over the past twenty years or so that I’ve been writing, the ebook business has emerged and bloomed, self publishing has evolved from a “vanity” business to a thriving avenue for writers, another choice to make. And the “big” publishing houses are no longer the only businesses in town.

I’ll not go into my personal travails that I’ve gone through in my writing career, just suffice it to say, I’ve been around when two of my publishing houses closed down or were bought out. The thing is, my story isn’t that unusual. Other authors, some very well known names, have “closed down” houses, have had to reinvent themselves over and over and have kept on writing through it all. Others started writing genres that ended up not being bought by houses in New York or Canada, yet they kept writing, either choosing another genre to write or looked to small presses and epubbing.

So what happens when a publishing house closes? Keep writing. What if your favored writing genre dries up? Keep writing. If your health, financial arrangement, love life goes south? Keep writing, even if it’s in fits and starts. Sometimes it’s the only thing that will keep you going.

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