What I’ve Learned From Other Writers- Creativity Takes Time

When I started writing, I found ideas everywhere.I wrote them down, then immediately started on the new idea, sometimes to the detriment of an already begun work in progress. As a result, I ended up with lots of works in progress and very few, or no, finished manuscripts.

Other, more mature writers gave me an invaluable piece of advice. Wait for the creative spark to ignite and build. As I’ve grown as a writer, I began to realize the wisdom of this advice.

An idea is just that, a spark, a flicker of something that, with proper attention, will grow into a warm blaze. A creative idea often needs time and attention in the form of imagination, world building, and at times, space and time to grow. I usually write my ideas down and then leave them to rise, like bread. As new elements pop into my head about an idea, and they often do, I jot it down, just as a note to the idea. When an idea has taken hold of my imagination to the point that I’m obsessed with it over anything else, then that’s when I know, it’s time to start with that book.

How do you deal with your ideas? Do they emerge full blown before you? Or do they come in tiny increments, growing from a spark to a flame in your mind over time?

Don’t be afraid to let an idea rest and grow on its own while you finish another story. Given time, your imagination will take hold and nurture it into the book you HAVE to write.

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