What I’ve Learned from other writers- Even if you don’t like them, booksignings can be fun

Yesterday I went to a Meet and Greet with the Authors at a small library in a small town. I loved the event. And for me to say that is amazing.

I hate tooting my own horn. Hard to believe maybe, in that I’m an author and want people to buy my book, but like many authors, I’m inherently a private person and book signings are almost painful for me. IF I do them alone. I’ve found a couple of secrets, as a result of watching other authors and experimenting on my own and I’m willing to share them. The first thing is that this event was touted as a meet and greet, not as a book signing. Though we did sell books and sign them, the distinction may have made me a little more relaxed. Psychology is a very good thing.

I don’t like private signings but I do enjoy a group event, even if it’s with one other writer. I guess it’s share the pain or share the joy. Or even to share giving directions to the bathroom with. I enjoy having an opportunity to talk with other authors and to be honest with you, enjoy talking with people. Yesterday I talked with one lady about Abraham Lincoln, which had nothing to do with my books but it was a fun, informative time for me.  So, if you have a book signing, try to find someone to go with you!

I make things. And I love doing it. I’m a craft nut and I’m cheap, so usually the giveaways I do are free and handmade. I always have candy of some sort to give away, so it draws people. I also have drawings for small things. All of this combined seems to draw people to my table and I’ve got something to use as an opening (” Do you want to sign up for a free giveaway? Did you get a free Tacky Tassel bookmark”).

Finally, I think participating in a group event amps up the excitement,  both for the readers and the authors. There’s a festival air about the room, with beautiful table setups, interesting giveaways, and more books to add to my to be read pile.

So, if you are like me and hate book signings, start asking around, you may find others that share the sentiment but would be willing to share a table, share a corner of a bookstore and share the pain/joy of book signings.