My New Year’s Resolutions, part two

I’ve posted about my writing resolutions this year and here is the health related ones. If you had a chance to hop over to the guest blogpost I had with Mustard Seed Botanicals, you notice that I’m trying to eat healthier. I haven’t viewed that as a resolution, as I’ve tried to do that for a while now. Eating less processed foods and cooking for the week, or part of it, anyway, is something that I’ve found helps me feel much better. I don’t always do that, but when I do I usually lose weight without altering any other area of my life.

This year, though I’m making a new resolution. It’s a simple one, so I’m in hope of being able to meet it. I’m going to walk everyday.

Hey, it’s not so funny. In my day job, I’m driving between schools all day and sitting most of the rest of it, so I don’t get a lot of movement during the day. Walking as exercise has always been touted as a great and efficient (not to mention inexpensive) way to get healthy and to lose weight. So, I’m going to walk on my Treadclimber or outside. I’ve walked so far this week (started on Monday) and feel much better after wards. I’m only starting at 15 minutes at 2.0 miles an hour, but on my Treadclimber, it’s like I’m climbing a hill all the way. For a person with a history of giving out on any hikes that incorporate a hill, that’s okay as a start. I’ll increase the time and speed as I go, but I’m just grateful I have an opportunity to do this simple exercise.


What do you do for your health? Are you trying to turn over a new leaf this year? What are they?