Writing Every Day, Day One

You would think, as a writer, I’d write every day, but I don’t. I have a day job and also have excuses, like everyone, to not do things, even things I love like writing. However, I’m going to make the commitment publicly do write every day.

This is a big thing for me. You see, I’m one of those people who can find an excuse not to do something and I’m also a procrastinator. I get things done but sometimes, it’s crunch time by the time I finish. And I want that to change, at least in my writing. And I’m inspired. A fellow author, June Faver, is closing in on eight years of writing every day. She’s my hero!

So, here are my rules:

  1. I will write every day. The writing can be new material, editing already written material, synopses (my way of writing down that first idea and then expounding on it. I love synopses!) and plotting. Yep, I’m a plotter. To the point that I have a little story board for every book or story I do. And I count that and editing toward my daily writing, as it’s the meat of stories.
  2. I will keep track of total words and projects I complete during this project. If I have to delete words, I’ll add that to my word count too. Yikes!
  3. I will do blogs about my experiences (which will not count toward the writing every day project) but may not blog every day. It could get very dull, indeed!

That’s it. Not a lot of rules, which is good. I wrote 434 words tonight on the start of a synopsis for my newest project. I’ll be writing more tomorrow!

I’m excited for this adventure and hope to be able to keep at it. If you want to join me, I’d love it! Let me know and we can encourage each other. Who knows how many words, books and stories can come of this?