Writing Every Day, Day 2-4

Day 2

It was tough getting to writing tonight, after a busy day at work and mowing the lawn, but I remembered this accountability and worked to finish my plotting synopsis. I also worked on my storyboard for the project, a novella. Altogether, tonight I wrote 707 words.

I like using a synopsis to write down the progression of the story in larger terms. I try to hit the main points of the story and writing them down in a short one page synopsis has always seemed to work for me. I know a lot of people find synopses a chore but for me, it helps clarify my thoughts.

I also use a grid for a storyboard to plot out the turning points for my novels. The important stages of the story, where everything changes for the characters are something I’ve struggled to achieve in the past. Doesn’t everyone have the sagging middle? Drafting a storyboard helps me avoid that.

Well, that’s it for tonight. I’m planning on actually starting the novella tomorrow night, so hope for more words.

Total for two days:

A working synopsis

A working storyboard

A total of 1141 words.

Day Three:

I worked then mowed part of the back yard (battery mower gave out before the whole yard was mowed). I spent too much time on the internet and got sleepy before I started writing. I did start my story and got 242 words in before my eyes started to close. Total words for the week are: 1383. Going to bed. Tomorrow will only check email before starting to write!

Day Four:

It rained today, so no yard work after my day job. I didn’t play as much on the internet but it appears to be a hard habit to break. I finished the first part of a scene tonight and got 568 words with a four day total of words of 1951. I’m heading to a local writing retreat tomorrow evening, so hopefully will get some real word counts in by Sunday.

Making this commitment to write everyday and especially to document it has brough the accountability to the forefront for me. I do best when I have external deadlines (those set by others rather than by myself) so maybe this will help me to be more self starting.

More to come!