Sheesh! Writing Every Day?

What was I thinking? Sorry, small rant here. I work a day job that often entails home based evening report writing. After eight hours of work, followed by two or three of report writing, I really hate the idea of sitting in front of a computer even to write my stories, which I love. So, I’ve been trying other things, such as composing long hand, dictation while driving in the car and doing other “writerly” things such as editing, researching and so on.

First to the idea of writing long hand. I have several friends who write their first draft in long hand and then use the time they spend transposing it to computer as their first read through and edit time. It doesn’t work for me. I’ve found through this test that I think faster than my hand writes. I’ve ended up writing some in long hand when away from the computer but when I transpose it, I end up having something different. I spend way too much time editing my long hand for it to be successful. Next!

The attempt to dictate the story into my phone while driving was not successful. Thank goodness I didn’t have a car accident but I quickly found that if I’m concentrating on driving, which is highly recommended on the interstate and in the city, I don’t concentrate on my story, and vice versa. That experiment lasted all of two minutes before I declared it a failure. On to the next idea. That of using my writing time in other pursuits.

I’ve been able to research, further outline and attend to my story in other ways but it doesn’t result in words on the page. That’s my goal and it looks like that will still be my weekends and the odd evening I’m not spending the majority of my time addressing my day job stuff. My friends and I have a history of meeting in a chat room and sprinting for a couple of hours two to three times a week and that helps with my writing a lot. We’ve started this practice again after several years’ hiatus and I’m hoping to carve out those nights and dedicate them solely for writing on my projects.

So, dear reader, I’m not going to be able to follow June Faver’s excellent example of writing every day on my fiction. I will, however, spend every day addressing some aspect of my writing, whether it’s to write in this blog, work on my newsletter, write fiction, or try dictation in the comfort and relative safety of my own home. At least it I wreck, it’ll only be over my sofa!

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  1. I sympathize completely. While I really need to be writing (for more reasons than one), these days it’s almost impossible. Don’t beat yourself up. You’re doing the best you can, and it sounds to me as though you’re doing a lot.

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