Little Nothings

I’ve noticed a few things readers and writers have in common. A love of books is obvious, the smell, the magic of words. But there’s something else that is so much fun! It’s the little trivial things that we find in reading. Ever time I get together with avid readers and other writers I hear phrases like, guess what I found or, I was looking this up and… We love trivial or not so trivial facts and figures. I routinely pull up the google feature of my computer or phone just to answer a question like when toilet paper was developed or who the writer of a particular song that is running through my brain is. I have always been super interested in finding the little things in life, even back to when I used to get to read the dictionary and encyclopedia when my  class work was done. I know, I’m a nerd! But proud of it. Now, with the internet making facts and interesting tidbits so easy to find, I am wallowing in the pleasure of triviality. Don’t be surprised if I start spouting facts, fiction and other nuggets of interest (or not) on my page in the future. Oh, I have to go look up something!

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