Happy Christmas!

I love the British way of saying Merry Christmas. I suppose it’s the uniqueness of it but it’s also the feelings it evokes. Happiness, merryment, joy. I’ve always found Christmas magical but to be honest, the magic is getting more difficult to capture as the years go by and life interferes. Work, busy home schedules, and reality serve to try to interfere with the joy of the times. I think that may be why movie channels like Hallmark and Lifetime and their never ending movies are so popular. For me, movies like this are refreshing to a point, but I love the music. Every year, I have to listen to Nat King Cole’s Christmas Song. It connects me to my long past father, who loved jazz and Nat in particular. I listen to Christmas hymns like Oh Holy Night, which is my fave inspirational song. It never ceases to send chills down my spine. And I sing silly songs, like Rudolph, Jingle Bells and so on. When I do this, the spirit of Christmas returns, sneaking up on me or flowing over me like a warm breeze. I’m so thankful for the talented lyricists and musicians who wrote these songs over the years.

May the joy of the birth of Christ and all the trappings of Christmas bring you and yours joy and warm breezes of feelings!