Happppy New Year!

It’s that time of year. New things can begin, old things can be discarded, renewed or scrubbed up for another try. Are you a resolutionist? I am but my resolutions have changed over the years. I used to have very definite goals, like lose thirty pounds, exercise every day and so on. Now, I’m a bit more realistic. I resolve things like eat healthier choices of foods, move more and so on. Hey, if nothing else, I know myself.

One thing I always disliked about New Years, eve in particular, were the expectations. I always wanted to go to parties like the ones on tv. Boisterous, hearty and so on. And any get together I went to always fell short, maybe because, at heart, I’m a recluse and big celebrations also make me a little nuts. As I grew older and tried to find those celebrations, I grew to dread New Year’s Eve. Then I realized, I was making myself unhappy on a day when I needed to celebrate another beginning. So, now I celebrate the new year in a quiet manner. I read, write, drink something I enjoy (hot chocolate, spiked coffee, wine) and enjoy my own company or the company of a few friends and family. And guess what? I have a wonderful eve and a great New Year’s Day.

However you celebrate, whether you are a social animal and party hearty all night, or you are like me and enjoy quiet celebrations, I hope you had a wonderful eve and have a wonderful day!

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