My Books so far

My first foray into publishing 

I was fortunate to sign with Avalon Books a few years ago and published two books with them. These sweet romances were such fun to write. They can be read independently or as a connected story. They’re available through Amazon.

                                                                                          the single life

The Single Life, Avalon Books, 2006

Reporter Delaney Morgan is stuck in obituaries. In order to see the light of day, she accepts a new assignment, writing a column on being single. The down side of the job is she has to work with Grant Stone, a seasoned journalist who can’t wait to leave the Globe and return to hard-hitting journalism. As he and Delaney play dueling articles over speed dating, computer matching and other perils of dating, sparks fly and soon romance blooms. But Grant is still planning to leave for another job, which will mean the end of Laney’s chance to move up in the newspaper hierarchy. Worse it means the end of their budding relationship. Book available from

the single file

The Single File, Avalon Books, 2007

Caroline Paul is tired of being judged for her cool beauty and being paraded by men as arm candy. When she takes over writing a singles column for the newspaper, she is looking forward to finding Mr. Maybe, but she harbors no illusions about romance. When her car breaks down, the hunky mechanic at the garage attracts her with his down to earth attitude. She invites him along on some of her newspaper assignments. Gus Hill thinks Caroline is beautiful but he’s wary of romantic entanglements, as women only want to be with him because he owns a chain of body shops in the south. Can Caro and Gus find the trust they both need to make this romance last? Available from

Paranormal romance!

I love reading and writing paranormal romance and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write this “book of my heart”. When I wrote the book, I didn’t realize how much I loved the less “attractive” elements of paranormal romance elements, such as psychic powers. Caden’s Fate was published by Crescent Moon Press, a small boutique publishing company that unfortunately closed its doors in the recent past. But no fear! I’m in the process of editing and relooking at Caden, with plans to re-publish it in the near future. Stay tuned!


It’s Christmas time! Don’t you just love Christmas? I start watching the Christmas specials after Thanksgiving and get a huge dose of good cheer by the time New Years is in my rear view mirror. I’ve always enjoyed the magical elements of the holiday and came up with the idea for the short story,  Careful What you Wish For while watching people shopping for their “perfect” holiday decorations. My perfect Christmas? A tree with homemade and memorable decorations, family and friends. And my mom’s chocolate and peanut butter fudge! You can get Careful What you Wish For through

My first Christmas story


It’s Christmas Time! Part 2

I love writing Christmas stories and this year I added one to my collection.
Liv is spending her first Christmas in Chandler Tennessee at The Old Time Diner. When an unexpected snow storm brings some reluctant customers to her door, she is determined to make the most of a snowbound Christmas Eve. Can Liv give her surprising overnight guests a reason to celebrate this Christmas?

Available through Amazon.

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